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Brandon, South Dakota


Our French Bulldog puppies are AKC registered to guarantee a purebred lineage.

In Home

Our French Bulldog puppies live inside our Brandon, South Dakota residence 24x7x365 in a family setting!

Health Guarantee

Our French Bulldog puppies come with a contractual, veterinarian certified one year health guarantee.


We love dogs and emphasize socialization in a great environment !


At Kelly's French Bulldogs in Brandon, South Dakota, we strive to breed & raise quality frenchie puppies that are well dispositioned to be fulfilling & cute family companions! We're an in-home family oriented breeder that defines successful breeding as raising healthy, well dispositioned French Bulldogs with stalky bodies, distinct ears and beautiful colors.

In alignment with those goals we offer our AKC registered puppies with a one year health guarantee. Living that commitment to quality means sparing no expense on top shelf puppy food for great nutrition, developing an ongoing relationship with an experienced vet clinic that has four DVMs for the most thorough care, and raising puppies in-home 24x7 with our family for excellent TLC.

Furthermore, we partner with a select group of fellow french bulldog breeders in the region, whom we’ve physically met, for access & evaluation of high caliber Sires. Kelly's French Bulldogs would love the opportunity to make your search for a future family companion a fantastic and enjoyable experience!

Brandon, South Dakota

Available French Bulldog Puppies

Waiting List

No puppies available at this time. We expect our next liter around March\April 2020.

Please contact us today about joining our waiting list!


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Location & Availability

Where are you located?

Brandon, South Dakota

Do you have any puppies available?

Please see our Availability section or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


What are your prices?

Please see our Pricing section for estimates!

Why do French Bulldogs cost more than other breeds?

French Bulldogs are a designer breed that does not exist naturally. Breeding is high risk and expensive. Females must be artificially inseminated due to the male's inability to mount the female properly because of their slim hips. Females give birth via C-section due to their narrow hip cavity and the bulldog’s wide head. Natural births put the female at significant risk. Stud fees also track with the anticipated selling price of their offspring.

Why does color impact price?

All other things being equal, different colors are more rare than others due to the recessive genes required to produce that color


What does AKC registered really mean?

AKC registration guarantees a puppy is actually purebred by facilitating accurate record keeping on their lineage. We offer limited (pet) and full AKC rights.

Delivery \ Shipping

How does delivery work?
Buyers in the upper midwest

We can drive to any destination at the buyer's expense based on a reasonable & negotiated rate.

Flying Standby

Many airline attendants fly pets to their destination. We can connect you to a "puppy nanny" to deliver the puppy or you may find your own. Buyers pay them separately at delivery. Prices are generally around $400. Flying standby is subject to airlines delays but is less expensive than a ticket.

Flying Yourself
Buyer's can purchase an airline ticket departing from the Sioux Falls, SD (FSD) airport.

General Questions

How many french bulldog liters do you have a year?

We have 1-2 high quality french bulldog liters/year that are hand raised inside our residence 24x7 with their mom during the entire whelping period (no seperation) for the best possible TLC. Bambi and Nala both eat high quality Orijen dog food for the best possible health.

How does the health guarantee work?

Our local vet clinic, Horizon Pet Care checks each french bulldog puppy for any defects shortly before delivery. Buyers have three days after delivery for their veterinarian to do the same. Following that any genetic defects are covered for one year per the contract!

Can I get a copy of the contract beforehand?

Certainly, just ask!

When can french bulldog puppies leave mom?

Eight weeks after birth.


Quality AKC french bulldog puppy prices generally range from $3,000-$4,000 for Limited\Pet AKC registration.

Females puppies generally cost more than males.

Full AKC puppy registration is available for addition cost.

Prices may vary based on the puppy.

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Thinking about adding a French Bulldog to your family? That's great! Send us a message on Facebook, send us an email, or submit a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!